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► General Information Detail

Ashe Family Healthcare is owned, operated, and managed by Derek McClure and individuals under his employment or supervision unless otherwise indicated.  

Care or medical services rendered by Ashe Family Healthcare will be provided by or supervised by Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants (NOT physicians), unless otherwise stated as such at the time of your visit. Though Nurse Practitioners may hold doctorate level education, Nurse Practitioners are not physicians.  

Nurse practitioners are holistic, or all-encompassing, in their approach to care of the patient. This is not to be confused with herbal, natural, alternative, allopathic, osteopathic, or other philosophies of care. Nurse Practitioners may or may not include these other methods in the care they choose to provide. 

This office operates on principles of equality and honesty with the influences of professionalism, faith, hope, and compassion. We expect our patients to treat our staff with these same levels of respect and patience. Dishonest, malicious, or malingering behaviors are not tolerated. Belligerent behavior, disruptive behavior, or threats of any kind toward the practice or its employees will be grounds for immediate discharge from our practice and possible legal recourse.

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► Hospital Affiliation Detail

Currently, Ashe Family Healthcare is not directly associated with any hospital agency. 

Diagnostic testing may be performed in a variety of hospital settings at local and/or non-local facilities. In order to maximize our skills to provide excellent outpatient care, Ashe Family Healthcare has opted to utilize the hospitalist services provided by area medical centers and hospitals in the event patient hospitalization is required. Emergency needs will be directed to the nearest available emergency service provider. It is the policy of some facilities that patients be screened for admission criteria by first being evaluated by their emergency department.

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► Drug and Alcohol Testing Detail

All patients are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Patients who receive controlled substance prescriptions from our practice are required to sign a contract with high levels of restrictions and compliance monitoring. Please note this office participates in an initiative to help law enforcement control the growing concern with methamphetamine (METH) and/or illegal trafficking of controlled substances.  



Patients who receive controlled substance medication(s) from our practice understand and agree that legal action, including reporting suspected diversion, misuse, or trafficking, may be reported to appropriate legal authorities as well as notification to all/any prescribing providers identified may occur should the patient be suspected for or found in violation of our policies and/or controlled substance contract agreement.

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► Food and/or Beverages Detail

Due to the nature of a healthcare environment where the ill and infirm are treated, food and liquids can easily harbor bacteria and other dangerous organisms. No food or drink is allowed in any part of the office or clinical areas beyond the waiting room.

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► Smoking: NOT ALLOWED Detail



Cigarette smoking is an unhealthy and dangerous habit.  


Each individual is responsible for his/her own behaviors.  


It is out of extreme courtesy and respect for others (and their health) that should it be necessary to smoke, one must be GREATER THAN 50 FEET AWAY FROM THE ENTRANCE OF THE BUILDING.  


Individuals caught disposing of cigarette butts in our parking area other than in a specified container may be asked to pay a $50.00 fine. Additional littering fines are regulated and enforced by town and county authorities.

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► After-hours Provider Communication Detail

After hour or on-call services are available. Please be respectful of providers, staff, their families, and their much needed personal time outside of their daily duties for work. Utilize communication methods through the office during normal office hours and only use the on-call number during non-office hours.  


The on-call service is not to be utilized as a refill request line, appointment line, or to discuss lab results or visit experiences. When calling the on-call line, caller ID that appears as "PRIVATE" may go unanswered and vague messages, such as "call me," will not be returned. On call messages are screened prior to returning the call. 

The on-call line is for URGENT MATTERS AFTER OFFICE HOURS ONLY: For emergencies, please report to your local emergency department or call 9-1-1 


NOTE: Depending on the context of the communication, office encounter fees may be applicable and the patient/patient's insurance my be billed accordingly.  


On-call/after hours phone number: 828-772-6888. However, please contact the office during normal office hours. For emergent concerns, please present to your local emergency department. Calls received to the after hours phone during normal office hours will be deleted automatically.

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► Cell Phone Use Detail

Please silence all cell phones when leaving our waiting area. Should a provider enter an exam room whereby you or a person in the exam room with you is using a mobile phone to text or talk, the provider reserves the right to step back out of the room and change the otherwise scheduled appointment into a work-in slot, thereby potentially increasing your wait time within the office.

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► Laboratory and Testing Results Detail

For routine test results, please allow up to two weeks for a return phone call from our staff. If that time frame is not suitable, please arrange a follow up appointment to discuss any test results. Tests ordered by outside providers but collected by Ashe Family Healthcare will be forwarded upon receipt of results without review from this office.

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► Medications, Refills, Phone-in Requests, and Messages Detail

Please bring all medication bottles to each appointment, including any product taken over-the-counter (herbs, vitamins, etc.) as well as any medications prescribed by non-Ashe Family Healthcare providers. 


Effective 1/1/2021, refills will only be honored at the time of the office visit or electronic request only. Phoned-in and faxed-in requests will not be accepted. Electronic refill requests (initiated by your pharmacy) will be approved within 3 business days if the request is a) deemed medically appropriate b) received within a reasonable time frame since your last scheduled appointment c) made while your account is in good financial standing d) made after your complete medication list has been verified as accurate and complete 


Requests for medication refills need to be submitted to your pharmacy who will in-turn will notify us electronically of your request for refills. Again, please allow up to three (3) business days for a response for a refill request. Our office will not contact you after a request has been made unless questions about the request should arise. Check for refill verification at the pharmacy rather than contacting our office. Controlled substance medications due to be refilled require more frequent office visits and is non-negotiable.  


Call-in requests for treatment without an office visit are evaluated case-by-case, but anticipate if it has been over 90 days since your last appointment, you will be asked to come in to be evaluated. Phone in requests for pain management or mental health will not be authorized and will require an appointment for evaluation of the concern.  


Messages or or requests will be addressed within three business days of receipt.

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► Patient Records Detail

Patients may request a copy of his or her records at any time. A fee of $5.00 plus $0.25 per page can be assessed. All record releases require a patient (or guardian) and witness signed request. As an alternative, Ashe Family Healthcare offers access to a patient portal that can be viewed at any time, free of charge. With a valid email address, patients may enroll in the patient portal, allowing a patient to access his/her medical record information. 


However, if a patient is discharged or otherwise deactivated from our practice under any circumstance, records (including letter of discharge) will only be released to the patient's new provider.  


Records may be released without signed request as required by law, public health records or for collaborative medical efforts.

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