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About Ashe Family Healthcare (AFH)

We are a Nurse Practitioner owned and operated clinic, focusing on a comprehensive and wholistic approach to patient care.

The practice opened in December of 2008 with a single Nurse Practitioner and business plan intended on a 10-year growth period. Efforts that surround the principle of doing good for others and placing God before ourselves has turned a simple concept into a mission of change within the community. As a result, the goal intended to attain in the 10th year was achieved before the end of the 2nd year of operation. In 2013, we moved to our present location and are continually trying to find options that improve the quality of care we provide and look for ways to better serve our community.

We have grown to become a multiple provider practice and offer a variety of care services unique to the high country. We utilize undergraduate and graduate students attending Appalachian State University, Lenoir-Rhyne University, Duke University, East Tennessee State University, Wake Forest University, University of Cincinnati, and many others, to extend our services and share our knowledge with future healthcare providers. We utilize advanced and traditional laboratory services to help improve health assessment and treatment outcomes without excessive individual financial burdens. We incorporate “a hand up” versus “a hand out” philosophy for individuals in need of care.

We periodically offer community health screens. We engage in community education by offering lectures, seminars, and courses on various health topics. We, as a team of professionals, are supporting one another through faith, encouragement, and leadership. To join our practice is to be a part of a mission and a family like no other.

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