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Ashe Family Healthcare is owned, operated, and managed by Derek McClure and individuals under his employment or supervision unless otherwise indicated.

Care or medical services rendered by Ashe Family Healthcare will be provided by or supervised by Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants, not physicians, unless otherwise stated as such at the time of your visit. Though Nurse Practitioners may hold doctoral level education, Nurse Practitioners are not physicians.

Nurse practitioners are holistic, or all-encompassing, in their approach to care of the patient. This is not to be confused with herbal, natural, alternative, allopathic, osteopathic, or other philosophies of care. Nurse Practitioners may or may not include these other methods in the care they choose to provide.

This office operates on principles of equality and honesty with the influences of professionalism, faith, hope, and compassion. We expect our patients to treat our staff with these same levels of respect and patience. Dishonest, malicious, or malingering behaviors are not tolerated. Belligerent behavior, disruptive behavior, or threats of any kind toward the practice or its employees will be grounds for immediate discharge from our practice and possible legal recourse.

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