Medications, Refills, Phone-in Requests, and Messages

Please bring all medication bottles to each appointment, including anything taken over-the-counter (herbs, vitamins, etc.) as well as any medications prescribed by non-Ashe Family Healthcare providers.

Requests for refills need to be submitted to your pharmacy who in-turn will notify us electronically of your request for refills. Please allow up to three (3) business days for a response for a refill request. Our office will not contact you after a request has been made unless questions about the request should arise. Check for refill verification at the pharmacy rather than contacting our office. Controlled substance medications due to be refilled require more frequent office visits and is non-negotiable.

Call-in requests for treatment without an office visit are evaluated case-by-case, but anticipate if it has been over 90 days since your last appointment, you will be asked to come in to be evaluated. Phone in requests for pain management or mental health will not be authorized and will require an appointment for evaluation of the concern.

Messages or requests obtained after 1 pm will be addressed the following business day.

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