Missed Appointment Policy

Due to a limited space and schedule for patients, time allotted for a patient may vary from 15-30 minutes, depending on the need of the patient or procedures to be performed during that visit. A missed appointment without cancellation can result in taking time away from another patient who would have otherwise benefited from the appointment. With this understanding, we ask that patients maintain awareness of pending appointments with Ashe Family Healthcare. Failure to show for an appointment without prior notification of cancellation may result in a “no-show” fee of $30.00 per missed appointment.

This fee must be paid prior to consultation with a provider for future visits. After three TOTAL missed appointments, the provider reserves the right to discharge the patient from the practice. Three consecutively missed appointments will be considered grounds for immediate dismissal from the practice. Leaving after having been triaged by our nurse but prior to consultation with the provider will result in forfeiture of co-payment and is subject to a minimum office charge for non-insured patients.

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