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Our rotation is complex, aggressive, highly involved, and not intended for the faint of heart. We prefer our students to have completed at least one clinical rotation prior to entry. For NP students, we really prefer they use us for their last rotation, but young/middle or older adult rotations are also considered. We offer a tremendous amount of student autonomy with preceptor facilitation, really maximizing the hands on experience.

The waiting list is long for a clinical experience with our clinic. We have many inquiries by students from all over the US from many programs and an increasing number of persons who do not follow through to their obligation, thus short changing other students an opportunity. We have found this to be most problematic with students who inquire directly rather than through a clinical placement coordinator. As a result, we have modified our student acceptance plan to ensure we have compliance and we find the right student that is capable of our face paced and highly complex office setting.

Our priority is to universities or individuals willing to pay for their rotation as we feel this provides certainty of their participation. Many hours go into the preparation for their arrival and it is a lengthy process for us to obligate to the student presence over several weeks or months.

Students genuinely interested in a rotation should send a current photo, a letter of interest detailing why you wish to rotate with us (tell us about yourself, your family, scholastic or career goals and how AFH could intertwine among your plans), and a current CV in a single email as soon as possible. We will not accept student applications without this basic information. Slots are locked in 90 days in advance for students, but we accept a rolling enrollment. An educational agreement between AFH and your university must be in place prior to the start of your first clinical day.

Housing may be available for some approved students.

Of a side note, over the last decade, 80% of our providers have been hired following their student experience with AFH.

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