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Save money with Ashe Family Healthcare!

Options for taking control of your healthcare expenses

Today's health insurance paradigm is often overwhelming! Navigating through the volumes of information on the web or what you receive from your agent can seem like a real challenge. From selecting an insurance company, to what type of insurance plan, or to coverage limits that best suit your needs and budget...all while aligning the type of plan with a healthcare provider you trust...can be a bit much to process (or afford!).

Ashe Family Healthcare is committed to keeping care affordable while delivering state-of-the-art and high quality health services to patients of all ages. We love the high country and take great pride in making a difference in the health of our neighbors and community!

For patients without insurance or individuals that have high deductible health plans, or even those with Med-Share programs, we offer several options.

Patients wishing to not file their insurance for services rendered at AFH or individuals who do not have insurance, we offer the opportunity to pay per encountered service, typically offering a 50% discount over traditional contracted insurance rates (payment due date of service to receive discount). Discounted laboratory testing is also available, both through AFH (for established patients) and through Wake Forest Laboratories in their Outpatient Service Center, conveniently located adjacent to our office. To receive this discount, patient accounts must be in good financial standing.

Another option is our annual all-inclusive plan. This service must be requested and paid for prior to the next scheduled office visit. The annual fee is $900.00 and is non refundable. This permits up to 10 in-clinic office visits during the following 12 months from date of payment receipt. This includes all in-office administered medications, all lab testing ordered through our office/Wake Forest Laboratories (must be ordered by AFH provider) and in-house diagnostics, free access to the secure patient portal to view lab results at home, all visit types (scheduled, urgent, emergent, and wellness), all telemed and phone consultations, and available in-office procedures (IV therapy, simple surgical procedures, laceration repair, splinting, etc). This option removes the worry of meeting deductibles linked to office visits, lab testing, and more. It can potentially save up to 95% off traditional insurance-billed costs!

Contact our office for information on how to become a patient and take advantage of our low-cost savings model.

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