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Medically Guided Weight Loss: An Interactive Process

Cohort 2: Start date to be determined

This is a unique program of education, support and medically guided endeavors to optimize your success in your weight loss journey. This 6-part program is delivered over several weeks to ensure proper pre-assessment, determine emotional and physical readiness to move forward and provide appropriate medical monitoring over the entire course.

The program is offered on the following dates:

Class 1:Introduction to the program, initial assessment, complete lab testing/EKG (if indicated) and discuss overview of the program.

Class 2: Review of laboratory studies, selection of appropriate approach to weight loss

Class 3: Assessment of progress, group support, tips for success, part 1

Class 4: Assessment of progress, group support, tips for success, part 2

Class 5: Assessment of progress, group support, tips for success, part 3

Class 6: Maintaining progress, group support, continuation assessment

Lab testing required: TSH, CMP

EKG testing required for participants > 50 or with reported blood pressure or cardiac history

A full medical history is required in order to be eligible for any prescribed medications. Please complete "new patient application" if not already an established patient of AFH and at the top of the application write "for weight loss program" at the top right corner of the forms. ***This form must be completed and submitted prior to registration.***

Reservation required, please call 336-846-6100 to register for this course. Please provide your full name, contact number and insurance information to the receptionist.

No insurance? No problem! AFH self-payment rates are applied to all laboratory testing, visit rates, and diagnostic testing...but the course is no cost to you!

We may be able to offer assistance for those individuals experiencing financial hardship.

Need not be a patient of AFH to participate .

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